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Due to family health issues, we have put a hold on our breeding operation. Hopefully we will regroup in the next year or so and start breeding agian. At the moment, we are concentrating our efforts on our young stock. Be sure to check our "FOR SALE" link for a list of our sale ponies.

We are offering our new stallion, Capstone's At Last, (Cappy) to the public on a limited bases. It has been hard to find a stallion that could fill the hole that the death of Stormin,(Gay-Pat Stormy), left in our hearts, but Cappy is filling the gap nicely. He is a Sec. B Welsh out of Benlea Cotillion and out of Benlea Perl. Both of his siblings have done well at Devon. I wish we were more of a "show barn" as I feel Cappy could hold his own against anyone. He is just an awesome pony in every aspect.  

With the added time that I have now that I don't have any foals to work with, I have been spending extra time with the 4-H. Shows, clinics, and a four day, 50 mile trailride, just to mention a few. Check out the 4-H links to meet our members and the ponies they ride.

About Meteor Hill Welsh and Sport Ponies.

Meteor Hill is a small breeding farm located in Powhatan, Virginia. We specialize in ponies that can do it all. We selectively breed to produce ponies of exceptional temperament, conformation and athletic ability. We stand Gay-Pat Stormy, a Section A Welsh Mountain pony, who is also registered with VPBA and The American Warmblood Society. He continues to prove himself as a quality stallion for both pure Welsh and sport ponies. His foals are just now showing up in the show ring, and they are "doing their sire proud.

About Us...

We started breeding Welsh ponies after our children left home. I got rid of the "big" horses my daughter rode and decided I wanted to breed ponies that I could handle by myself. I had always loved the Welsh and called them the "Fairy Tale Ponies" due to their beauty and size. After doing research and talking to many Welsh owners, I bought my first mare, Westwood Caper. Caper was a young pony and had not been handled a great deal, but was so friendly and responsive to attention, that I knew I had made the right choice. I was lucky enough to purchase Gay-Pat Stormy and after putting some weight on him, he blossomed into a wonderful herd sire. His movement and athletic ability is everything I want in a stallion, and his comical personality adds spice to our day. We have gone from one pony to 28 in a short time, and the numbers keep growing. 2003 was our first sale and that was Meteor Hill Joint Effort. A special thanks to Paul and Cheryl Maye for their purchase of "Moose" and the wonderful job they have done with him. In less than a year, Moose went from pasture ornament to 3rd in the nation, Adult 1/2 Welsh Pleasure Pony and SE Regional Champion, Adult 1/2 Welsh Pleasure Pony. We must be doing something right with our breeding program!!! (And by selling to the Mayes!!!) 

My husband, Charlie was raised in Tennessee and has had horses forever. He helps with the babies and young stock, and arranges for the hay, hooks up the trailer and plants grass seed. He also owns the "long ears" that add something special to our little farm. His first donkey, Holly, produced a beautiful molly HENNY for us in 2003. I am told that to get an honest to goodness henny is quite rare.

I'm Catherine, and I have loved horses since I could say the word. I knew all of the Saturday morning lineup on TV, "My Friend Flicka", "Fury", "Skye King", and "The Lone Ranger"....if the show starred a horse, I watched it. I didn't get my first horse until I was a senior in high school, and the barn hasn't been empty since. We have gone from one Section A Welsh filly, to 28 Sec. A's and crosses, in the last 6 years. My love for horse hasn't lessened, and my addiction has gotten worse! I teach school to pay for my habit. I am also the Foal 'N Around 4H Club leader and enjoy seeing the bonding that takes place between children and ponies. Half the joy of having ponies comes from watching children work with them.

Located in Central Virginia


Metoer Hill Candlewick, the first time undersaddle and already leading perfectly.


Meteor Hill Joint Venture thinks he's ready for the cover of GQ!

Athletic Ability

Meteor Hill's Murphy's Law at Calais Horse Trials.

Child Friendly!!

1 yr old Lexie, brushing Poppy, and doing a good job!

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